Volunteer of the Month–February 2014

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      Don Tolley is the volunteer of the month being honored at First Assembly Community Ministries. Don and his wife Connie are some of the most active volunteers I know of at First Assembly, working in seemingly every are of the church in their nearly 30 years in the congregation.
      Beyond the areas of service mentioned below, I think I could say that Don has served in nearly every capacity (outside of pastoral staff member) that one could serve in at the church.  Don is a great example of a proactive servant who looks for needs to be met and meets them with joy and ease.
      This month, Don is leaving the board after 20 years to take a year’s break, as mandated by the church’s bylaws, which require a one year break from board ministry after 6 continuous years.  Following are questions that Don recently answered.

In which areas of ministry have you served? 

Deacon Team, Life Groups, Prayer Team, Baptism, Global Leadership Conference, community outreach events, etc.
How did you first get involved?
Deacon Team – Was asked by pastor to allow my name to be submitted for nomination for election of deacon.
Life groups, adult education – Saw a need to offer classes on an off night and decided to hold them in our home.
Prayer team – Was asked by pastor serve the prayer team.
Baptism – Saw there was a need to assist the pastoral staff with baptisms.
GLC – Was asked to help with the Global Leadership Conference
How long have you been serving in these various ministries?
Deacon Team – 20 years
Life groups, adult education – 15 years
Prayer team – 15 years
Baptism – 12 years
GLC – 2 years
Community outreach events – 14 years
Why do you serve?
I believe we are called to serve because.  Scripture gives us several examples why we should serve, 1 Peter 4:10, 1 Peter 5:2, John 13:15.  
To share the message of Jesus
I enjoy helping people and seeing them grow.
What’s the best part of serving in this ministry?
The best part of serving is being able to use my gifts and talents, seeing people grow, and seeing individuals giving their lives to Christ.

Why should other people serve in this ministry?
It is a blessing to serve.  Serving allows individuals to use their gifts and talents.  In addition, it provides the opportunity to show Christ through in our words, and actions.
What is one story where you’ve seen First Assembly’s mission play out (“to create a community where waves of people are transformed by the love of God”)? Use back of this sheet, if needed.

There are many stories where individuals have attended one of the community outreach events, Independence Celebration, Easter Eggstravaganza, Jingle Jam, GLC, and have commented they had never felt so welcomed or loved and they plan to visit the church.  This is exciting to me because it shows we, the church, are fulfilling the call to reach the world.
Congratulations, Don Tolley!  Your example of service is an inspiration to everyone who knows you!

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