GET FIT: Winter 2014 Sunday Series

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I was 12 years old in 1981, and Olivia Newton John and her “Get Physical” song came along and it seemed America got caught up in a fitness craze.

There were all kinds of amazing neon-colored outfits and people started joining gyms.

That was great and hasn’t ever stopped.  The thing is, all of have areas where we need to “GET FIT”, and we’ll be looking at those areas of fitness in the coming weeks at First Assembly Community Ministries!  We’ll explore Spiritual, Physical, Financial, Emotional, Relational and Balance–fitness.

Below you’ll see the dates when various messages will be shared.  You’ll also be able to catch them online.  You should also know that a Life Group on fitness will likely begin in the six weeks following the close of this series for those who want to take it further!

January 12          Spiritual Fitness
January 19          Financial Fitness
January 26          Emotional Fitness
February 9          Physical Fitness
February 16        Relational Fitness
February 23        Balance

I can’t wait for this to begin this Sunday!  See you then!

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