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Do you need a breakthrough in life? Maybe you’re looking for an answer in prayer to resolve a broken down relationship or you need for God to provide a job or maybe answer your prayer with regard to someone you love who is spiritually shipwrecked?

First Assembly Community Ministries will once again be going on a 21-day journey of fasting and prayer.  This year, the theme for the fast is “BREAKTHROUGH”.  For 21 days we’ll be asking God to break into our lives, our needs, our families, and our world through fasting and prayer.

You can start to make preparations for fasting through many helpful resources online.  I’ll post some of those soon.  One of the most practical helps for fasting I have ever read is Richard Foster’s now classic The Celebration of Discipline.  You can find that on just about any online retailer who sells books.

Additionally, we’ve got some resources for you online at our website, related to this fast!  Click here to see them.  You’ll even be able to find resources for children and youth there.

Maybe your fast will take different forms during the 21 days–a week for a juice fast, a week for a Daniel-fast, a week for a total fast from food.  The youth of our church have already begun to make plans for fasting with plans to fast from social media or from food or from meat.  I want to challenge you to make a plan to seek God in fasting in some way.  I am confident you will experience breakthrough if you do!

My own experience the last three years of beginning the year like this is that God meets me and challenges the patterns that have hemmed me in and chained me down.  I find that the most important breakthrough I always experience is in my relaitonship with God and with me.

Make a plan to start the fast with us this Sunday!

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