December 2013 Volunteer of the Month

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Tim Adams is Volunteer of the Month at First Assembly Community Ministries for the month of December 2013!  Beyond being a key player in the youth ministries and children’s ministries teams, Tim is a minister with the Assemblies of God.  He and his bride, Elizabeth Adams bring energy and enthusiasm to everything in their lives, and I’m pleased to post his answers to the following questions that will give you an insight into his heart and passion for people and for God!

Tim loves to speak and mentor people from what I’ve seen.  I know from both children, teenagers and adults that he is a strong communicator of God’s word.  CONGRATULATIONS, TIM!  You serve God like a champion, and I, along with the rest of the leadership team, wish to commend you!  We are blessed you and Elizabeth are a part of First Assembly!

Area(s) of ministry:
KidzTown Children’s Ministry, Nexus Student Ministry, and Wednesday night teaching for Pastor Robby on occasion
How did you first get involved?
Being previously involved on a pastoral staff for several years my wife and I made it a priority that we immediately get involved in serving when we arrived at First Assembly.  My wife has a calling to work with children and I have a calling to work with youth.  In order to fulfill God’s will on our lives we needed to prayerfully be obedient to this call by finding ourselves involved in the in order to serve our church and community as Christ has commanded us to do. 
How long have you been serving in this ministry?
I have been serving for over a year and a half now.
Why do you serve?
I serve because I’m called to do so.  Scripture gives us several reasons why we should serve.  If we are followers of Christ then we must also follow His Word.  A few examples from Scripture include: Gifts (1 Peter 4:10), Leadership (1 Peter 5:2), Opportunity (Galatians 6:10), Modeling Christ (John 13:15).  
What’s the best part of serving in this ministry?
The best part of serving is my cognizance and desire to be used to see what happens when people surrender to God.  It’s seeing the good works being completed through the individuals we serve.  It’s seeing children, students, and adults making decisions to altar the direction of their lives as their surrender themselves at the foot of the cross.  It’s witnessing the struggling people go through as they relentlessly pursue to be more like Christ with every breath they take.  It’s being able to be a Paul Revere or a person of influence to them.  

Why should other people serve in this ministry?
It’s our job to serve.  Christ allows us to use our gifts and gives us an opportunity to show Christ through in our words, actions, and beliefs as we serve the church and the ministries within the church. 
What is one story where you’ve seen First Assembly’s mission play out (“to create a community where waves of people are transformed by the love of God”)? Use back of this sheet, if needed.

Several weeks ago at Nexus one of the most powerful nights I’ve experienced while at First Assembly took place.  Service was altered because students stood up, came to the front, and shared testimonies of faith.  In return, an amazing night of worship and prayer took place that lead the majority of the ministry to the altar in tears and lifted hands, as they were praising God.

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