October 2013 Volunteer of the Month

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Becca Crum (left) and Steffi Meinhart (right) are fabulous and faithful volunteers!

Becca Crum and Steffi Meinhart are energetic and young and committed to the children they minister to regularly at First Assembly Community Ministries.  What follows here are answers they’ve provided recently about their experiences of serving God and touching children in the early childhood ministries:

How did you two (as a team) get involved with EC Ministry? 
We have always been best friends and have always loved kids. Our parents were also best friends and worked in the daycare so we would help them when we were young until we were old enough to have our own class as a team. When we were in middle school we started volunteering in the children’s ministry whenever we could. We were always eager to help work with the kids at our church! I would say we have been serving together for about 7 years. We know each others strengths and weaknesses in teaching a classroom and we just get along really well. 

How long have you been serving together? 
Since we were about 13! 

Why do you two make such as great team? 
I think it’s because we are best friends and know each other’s strengths. We take turns telling story and disciplining or playing with the kids and it works out great! 

Why do you serve?  
Because I love the kids and remember how much I learned about God as a kid here at first assembly and want to be that kind of teacher that the kids see God in. 

Why should others serve?
Because it’s not too time consuming and most of all it’s rewarding. Even if and when it’s stressful!;) When kids learn it makes me happy. Others should serve because it makes you feel so accomplished after the service ends, and everyone goes home.  It makes you feel good about yourself in that you are serving the church in some way. It is fun to serve with a best friend because you can laugh together at the funny comments kids might say and take away memories that you won’t get anywhere else.

Why is it fun to serve with a best friend? 
Because when the kids say or do something funny or cute, you wanna share it with your best friend! Plus if one of you I late, the other one knows to bring you a coffee. 😉

What is the best part? 
Seeing the kids recite the verses and sing the songs or remember something you taught them. Some of these kids only see Jesus at church so it’s nice to be apart of that. 

Tell me a story that you will never forget concerning serving as a team?
There isn’t one specific memory that stands out since we’ve been doing this so long! But every day is different and that makes it fun! 
Becca and Steffi–CONGRATULATIONS on your being named the volunteers of the month at our church!  You’ve made a great difference already in the lives of so many!  Keep it up!

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