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 WOW!  Since Easter 2012, we’ve been talking about upgrading our sanctuary.  We’ve added larger screens and high-definition projection and internet livestreaming.  After discussion with a committee of laypeople with great aesthetic sense and some professionals in the arena of theatre, like our board member Tim Todd who works at Purdue’s Eliot Hall, and conferring with our board, we’ve taken some bold (all reversible) steps to make the stage of our church more inspirational and dynamic.

By making the walls and ceiling black, the colors in front of it will “pop” more!  This will benefit not only our livestream experience, but will lead to a bolder “live” experience with many more possibilities!  Additionally, the black above creates a sense of space.

Here are some comments from Adam Howard, First Assembly’s Worship Arts Pastor, “Good thing to note here is that “technically” nothing we did this week is irreversible, we did not paint any precious woods or stones. INCLUDING the cross…many people seeing the cross this weekend were assuming we painted it.  It came as a surprise to them that it was just a non-damaging cover of sorts.”

Many thanks to many people who made this happen, not to mention Bob and Jodi Scott who did the painting!  Exciting things are afoot as we continue to update and upgrade our sanctuary in a way that fits with the contemporary style that has long been a signature of First Assembly!

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