IGNITE: Fan Into Flame The Gift of God–August 2013 Series

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“For this reason, i remind you to fan into flame the gift of God which is in you…”  2 Timothy 1:6a  These words, from Paul to his protege Timothy are the inspiration behind a series we’ll be covering in the month of August on Sunday mornings at First Assembly Community Ministries.

The reason we’re exploring this theme is to see how we can “ignite” for God both personally and corporately is because we are headed into what I believe will be a very exciting season in the history of our church!  God wants us to consider how to bring the gifts he has given us to a burning life that changes the nature of our congregation and ends up reaching people for Jesus Christ!

One of the things I like about what is happening in this series is that it is both inspirational and organizational in nature.  That is, we’re looking to poise our church for more thorough readiness for the ministry opportunities that will arrive at our church this fall.

SO, you can connect with us by taking the Spiritual Gifts Assessment by clicking here. This will help you know more clearly what your spiritual gifts are and will be used to notify ministry leaders in our church of your gifts who will follow up with you by communicating with you about open doors for ministry at First Assembly that fit with your gifting.  SO–take it today!  One of the first and best steps we can take toward fanning gifts into flame is by putting ourselves in a context where they can be used.  This is a new tool that will take you less than 10 minutes to complete!

Second, you can tell us how what areas of ministry are interested in!  Send Administrative Pastor Tim Parsons an email now, letting him know what areas of ministry you’d like to explore!  Write him by clicking here!

What are we covering in this series?

August 4–Moses’ Excuses and God’s Answers
August 11–The Holy Spirit Ignites with Power
August 18–Move that Body
August 25–Praying for Fire to Fall

See you there!  God is getting us ready for change he wants to bring to our community through your life and our church!

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