Volunteer of the Month–June 2013

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If you’re a part of First Assembly Community Ministries, you know that we have an amazing congregation with countless volunteers who make our ministries thrive!  I’m going to start with Valerie Sowers as the first Volunteer of the Month I’d like to highlight.  Her name was submitted by Jonathan Bohl, our student ministries pastor who has the pleasure of partnering in ministry with Valerie.  Her husband Shawn also has served in significant areas of youth ministry here at First Assembly, but we’re just going to tell you about Valerie today!

Learn more about her below!
Area(s) of ministry – Nexus Student Ministries and Inside-Outside Beauty Life Group
 How did you first get involved? Coming to First Assembly, I got connected where my kids were…youth group! 🙂
How long have you been serving in this ministry? I think around 5-6 years?
Why do you serve? I love the students and want to see them grow in their walk with God. Statistics are not good for students when they graduate high school…but I believe that we can beat the odds and pour into their lives and see them stand strong as they mature into who God wants them to be!
What’s the best part of serving in this ministry? Seeing students lives changed and building relationships with them. Praying in faith with them and seeing God answer their prayers however He chooses to do it.
Why should other people serve in this ministry? You have the opportunity to make a difference in a student’s life. It might be as simple as a hug, a prayer or a listening ear…they need people in their lives that will model what Christianity is all about…and it could be you!
What is one story where you’ve seen First Assembly’s mission play out (“to create a community where waves of people are transformed by the love of God”)?

When asked what is one thing that you have learned over the last 8 weeks one of the girls in our Life Group who comes from a broken home said, “Actually seeing what a real Christian home looks like.” Wow…these students are watching and yearning for people to be REAL with them! People that will model Jesus to them. People that will be genuine and accept them as they are. I am far from perfect but hope and pray they see Jesus in me and want what I have. 🙂

THANKS FOR ALL YOU DO, VALERIE SOWERS!  Congratulations to be the first volunteer we’ve honored in this way!

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