DAY 1–Global Leadership Summit

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“I learned so much today!”

“I was proud of my church today for bringing such a great thing to Lafayette.”

“I feel like I grew today!”

“Thanks for hosting this; I’m getting so much out of it!”

These were just some of the comments I heard today after Day One at The Global Leadership Summit–the satellite conference we’re hosting today at First Assembly.

For me, the presentations by Bill Hybels, Condoleeza Rice, Jim Collins, and Craig Groeschel were rich with practical tips and inspiration.  With over 200 people in attendance at our site from churches from across our region and across the spectrum of Christianity, it was a great start for what is sure to become a staple August event at First Assembly.

What did I get from it?

From Bill Hybels, I benefited from being reminded about the challenges of self-leadership and from hearing his seasoned perspective.

Jim Collins brought home the idea that discipline is not only a matter of stretching yourself to be painfully consistent, but not overstretch yourself either.

Craig Groeschel spoke powerfully about the way that the younger generation and the older generation need and mutually benefit one another.

All in all, a great day and a great start for an event that will help to build a common conversation about leading among the Core of our congregation.  I can’t wait to see what tomorrow will hold.

MANY THANKS to the amazing team of volunteers who have made this event run so smoothly!

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