Seven Cities: Lent Message Series

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Lent is a word for Spring, but it’s come to refer to a roughly six-week season in the Christian calendar where many Christians take a fast or go on a special plan of reading and praying to prepare for Easter.  It starts with Ash Wednesday and ends with Easter roughly 40 days later.

We’re not observing Lent at First Assembly, per se, but we are going to enter a period of listening hard for what the Spirit has to say to us through seven letters that we will read and examine over seven different Sunday from February 12 through April 1.

These seven letters are to the seven churches found in the book of Revelation.  These seven churches are found in seven cities of what was called Asia Minor (modern-day Turkey).  That’s why the series is called “Seven Cities”.  By exploring what Jesus had to say to them, we’ll hear God speaking to us.  In fact, every letter ends with these words,

“He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches.”

I love these letters because each of them contain short phrases that beautifully crystallize some of the needed words of correction, rebuke and encouragement that can be found in the Bible!  Below you’ll see what dates, cities, and passages are coming up!  See you in the Seven Cities this Sunday!

2/12     Ephesus           Revelation 2:1-7
2/26     Smyrna            Revelation 2:8-11
3/4       Pergamum       Revelation 2:12-17
3/11     Thyatira          Revelation 2:18-29
3/18     Sardis              Revelation 3:1-6
3/25     Philadelphia  Revelation 3:7-13
4/1       Laodicea        Revelation 3:14-22

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