What I’ve Learned in the First 36 Hours of Fasting

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Just yesterday I began a 21-day season of fasting, prayer and devotion, along with the amazing congregation I lead in Lafayette, Indiana.

The first few days of a fast are not entirely fun.  I feel kind of groggy from a lack of caffeine.  I have a headache.  I’m not really physically up for much activity, and I want to sleep.  Sleeping maybe all I feel I can do well right now.

At this point in my fast, I’ve been learning the following kinds of lessons:

  1.  I’m far too insulated from regular pain or self-denial in my life.  I’d like to think I’m disciplined in some ways, and I know I have a long way to go in others, but the level of temptation and discomfort I feel from dropping caffeine and regular food is helping me see the unhealthy habits I’ve picked up in the normal course of life.
  2. I have allowed patterns of distraction to enter and even control my life.  Too many things in my life keep me from entering as deeply as I might into a life of communion with God.  I’m changing some habits for these 21 days and find that I am already missing those avenues of distraction.  I need increased focus.  This will help me to grow increasingly into being a person of prayer.
  3. I’m aware during this fast just how much I keep myself from needing to trust God for much.  I live a comfortable life that so many people in our world don’t have.  I am awakening to my need for God that has been there all along.

What are you learning if you’re engaging in the fast?  What is God speaking to you?

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