Visioneering Process Update

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For the seven months, our church has been involved in a Strategic Planning Process.  It started in January with a 21 day fast, involving a personal retreat I took to try to hear from God more on the issue of the overall vision, direction and plan for First Assembly.

In February, the pastoral staff, the deacons and a few from our congregation hid away in a hotel conference room to discuss and dream together about the Values, Mission, Vision, and Goals of Lafayette First Assembly of God.  You can learn more about the document we came up with at this link.

In April, the congregation was called to meet on the evenings of the 3rd and the 17th.  On Sunday evening, April 17th, those present were invited to go to several different points around the church building to smaller groups we called “Focus Groups”.  These focus groups dealt with various areas of ministry from Life Groups to Women to Men to Youth to Assimilation, etc.

Between April 17th and July, these groups have met and refined a written plan with strategies to help us accomplish the goals set forth in the document that was presented in the April meetings.  Later this month, I will be meeting with the Focus Group Leaders to review what they handed in in preparation for presenting their plans to our staff and deacons in August.

From there, we will bring the congregation together again on a Sunday evening in October to present the entire plan, ask for feedback and ask for our congregation to pray.  We will be presenting this Strategic Plan and asking the congregation to adopt it at our Annual Business Meeting in February 2012.

I am EXCITED about the excellent work done by so many groups thus far.  The Strategic Plan will guide our priorities in the coming years and help us come closer to realizing the mission of our church, as is stated in the document already:

To create a community where waves of people are transformed by the love of God.

If you’re a part of First Assembly, and you care about where we’re going, I encourage you to get involved in this process by offering feedback, attending the meeting in October and praying for our church’s leadership, especially in the month of August.  We are in critical times as a church body, as I sense that God will pour out even greater blessings as we become increasingly intentional in the part we play in his Kingdom.

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