“Shake a Little Hand, Shake a Hand Next to Ya”

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Those are the words to a pre-schoolers’ church song that I learned back in the United Methodist Church in Albany, Indiana when I was about 3 years old.  I’m putting them up today because of what a woman said to me yesterday after our 9AM service at First Assembly.  

This lady, new to Lafayette, said she loves our church, the worship,  and the messages.  She said the only thing she longed for was someone to shake her hand.  This was her third Sunday at our church, and no one had gone out their way to say “Hello” and just shake her hand.

She actually said, “I’ve only met the pastors and the Connections lady who shook my hand.  Don’t people shake hands here?”

Just a little prod from me to all of you who are a part of our normally very warm church:  Church, for some people to “get” the warmth of Christ’s love, all it takes is a handshake and a hello. Don’t worry about if the person fits the “new” category or not, if they are new to you, take a step of courageous faith and just say hello.  

For ideas about what to say, see these recent blogs.

We’ve got so many people in our midst!  Let’s do all we can TOGETHER to make them feel at home.

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