The Comparison Game

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Do you constantly compare yourself with everyone around you?  Perhaps you measure–

  • Your looks
  • Your job
  • Your possessions
  • Your talents
  • Your marriage
  • Your children
  • Your relationship with God
with everyone else’s.  I want to encourage you to stop playing the comparison game today.  That kind of constant measuring up leads almost every time to one of two of the 7 Deadly Sins–Pride or Envy.
If you win the comparison game, you end up looking down on those around you who perhaps don’t measure up to you.  Or maybe you constantly lose at the comparison game, and you end up feeling like you can’t measure up at all in almost any way.  You end up with the dissatisfaction of feeling like God or life or your parents or your spouse or your kids or your friends or your boss or your co-worker owed you more.
Drop it now.  The comparison game is a killer to your spiritual health.  Instead, begin rejoicing in the victories, blessings, gifts, talents, amazing testimonies and spiritual passions of others.  When you do that, you’ll start thriving even more and leave self-loathing, self-disappointment and self-centeredness starving in the dust.

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