Stille Zaterdag

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My family and I spent two wonderful years in the Netherlands, in a town outside of Amsterdam called Hilversum.  We had the privilege of planting an international church with a team of a dozen other people.  Every year we were there, we held an Easter egg hunt on the Saturday before Easter.

The title of this posting comes from the Dutch designation for the Saturday between Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday.  It means “Silent Saturday”.  At any rate, it’s leading me to some thoughts at the end of “Stille Zaterdag”.

Today must have been such a difficult day of questioning for the disciples.  They had been stunned and scandalized by the crucifixion of the Rabbi they had followed for more than three years.  The one who had turned water to wine, calmed the storm, multiplied the fishes and loaves, healed the sick, raised the dead and taught with authority.

But on Silent Saturday, he was dead.  Maybe they wondered about the many times he predicted that he would be killed and rise three days later.  It seems they were afraid for their lives.  John reports that they were locked away “for fear of the Jews.”

For me, it seems we live most of our lives on the Saturday between the tragedy of Good Friday and the exhilaration of Resurrection Day.  We live in a time when it is not always clear what the future holds.  Sometimes, we have to hold on to promises from God most often at times when the outcome of our present is unknown.

During the final hours of this Silent Saturday, I find myself asking God to give me the character of a person who is faithful to God even in the midst of waiting and uncertainty.

May God make your celebration of Resurrection tomorrow bright!

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