What Happens Here

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Las Vegas owns the line: “What Happens Here, Stays Here”. Of course, it’s the kind of promise that can’t be kept but is comfort to carousers of all kinds. It’s the idea that you can be as crazy as you like in Las Vegas–gambling, drinking, etc., etc., and no one will ever find out. I guess Sin City’s never heard the words of the Bible, “Your sin will find you out.”

For us this weekend, we’re taking the idea of “What Happens Here” in a completely different direction. We’ll take the next four Sundays to look at the book of Acts and ask ourselves the question, “How does what happens here impact the whole world?”

Here’s how the series will unfold:
March 27–Acts 1–A Growing Circle
April 03–Acts 2–Broken Barriers
April 10–Acts 8–Global Mission
April 17–Acts 9–It Starts with One
I’m really looking forward to this time, as we reflect as a faith community on the power of God’s Spirit in our lives and the wide-ranging implications behind the idea that God is doing something in our midst that impacts the whole world.

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