2 Quick Questions about Adam and Eve

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Q: How did Adam and Eve’s sons have wives if Adam and Eve did not have daughters?

This question is one raised by many people and is significant, as the Bible teaches that all human beings descended from Adam and Eve. The answer is kind of simple.

Adam and Eve and their descendants lived for hundreds of years, according to the book of Genesis. Therefore, Cain’s wife may have been a sister or a niece. Not all the people in the biblical genealogies are mentioned. Unfortunately, the women are often skipped. It is also possible and I think likely that the biblical genealogies skip generations. That doesn’t mean their wrong, just that they don’t mention everyone in a family tree.
Q: Did Adam have a navel?
Maybe this question was submitted as a joke, but it seems likely that since Adam was not born from a mother, there would be no reason why he would have had a navel.
Thanks for the questions!

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