Day 5–Be filled

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“Blessed are those who hunger and thirst after righteousness, for they shall be filled.”  –Matthew 5:6

We fill our lives with so much that we think will fill us up, but in the end, it’s not nourishing.  Like a steady diet of donuts and Coke, we realize that none of the the things we look to “fill” us on the inside do the trick.  Even good things like family or friendship or achievement do not meet our deepest needs.
Part of what is happening as we engage in a fast is that our attention is drawn to what hunger really feels like and how dependent we have become on what the stomach tells us about what we need.  This reality and experience should push us toward self-examination.  What is it that we crave most deeply in life?  Is it the approval of a parent or a spouse?  Is it the trappings of financial success?  Do we desire for others to say we are significant?
Today, allow the sense of hunger or the sense of fatigue to point you to ask questions about what you are looking to be filled with in life.  Give pause to ask what you are living for and ask God to fill you with things that you really need.

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