A Questionable Faith

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This past weekend I was driving through Frankfort, Indiana on Saturday and read a sign in front of a church on one of the town’s main roads.  It read, “Faith has no questions. Truth has no doubts.”

I understand the idealism of such a sentiment, but it calls us all to the kind of rigid belief that not only can’t  be maintained, but it offers no place for growth or mystery in the person who is trying to follow Christ in this world that makes us ask so many questions.

Becoming a Christian never has been about having all your questions answered.  In fact, I would argue that just as romantic love or the decision to have a baby is not really a rational choice, so religious faith is not arrived at through having all one’s questions answered.  

In fact, harboring unanswered questions is one of the main reasons I find many people are unwilling to believe.  A number of times in my life, I have run into people who say they don’t follow Jesus because they have unanswered questions.  Then, we discuss their questions, finding that there are actually simple, even documented, answers to many of the questions they raise.  In the end, we discover that the reason why the person with all the questions is not following Jesus is because they don’t want to.  It’s a matter of the heart, more than a matter of the head.  The questions are really just a defense mechanism.

Faith, likewise, is not about having all the questions in life answered.  That’s not to say that there isn’t a cohesive and defensible intelligence to our faith.  There definitely is!  Faith is about trusting God, in spite of our questions and trusting him with our questions.

What are some of the biggest questions you have for God today?

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